【IMPORTANT】Face mask free after March 1st 2023 in fit session (updated February 27 2023)

It will be free to wear masks during bike fittings from March 1st 2023 .
I have been asking for your cooperation in wearing masks for bike fitting since 2020, but from March 1, you will be free to do so.
I (Fushimi) will not wear a mask during fitting, but will wear a mask if requested by the customer. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Makito’s bike fitting service is by appointment- only.  No walk-in service. 

Thank you.


【Before you make reservation・・・】

The Bike fit studio’ s open date and time are listed at Google calendar following below this page.  Please click Blue colored icon and check your preferred dates and time.

Please make reservation by before the day of 12:00pm.

You can reach me either phone or form below of this page.
Tel:045-881-8110   contact to Makito

【Payment Methods】

The payment at the studio(cash),  credit card payment through PayPal are available.

※ Credit card payment only accept in advance before the day of fitting session. The studio will guide it to you after the application.

During bike fit session, Makito may ask you extra charges such wedges, pedal spacers and shims for shoes, handle bar stem etc..  It is depend on how fit goes in fit session but the cost would be around 5000yen except handle bar stem, crank set etc.  Please pay for them by cash at the end of fit session.


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