※Note Bike fitting service is not medical treatment or therapy. The aiming of bike fitting is for enhancing your performance by proper bike fit.  The benefit of that you have less chance of major discomfort such as knee injuries, back, shoulder pain, hand nerve pain and more.

About Motion Capture camera devices in bike fitting.

Human’s eye are not a like high speed camera.  In order to analyze the pedaling in bike fit, motion capture camera is the most powerful tool for bike fitters.  We use two different systems, Retul 3D motion capture system and GURU RANGE OF RIGHT® system.  Both system are digital measurement device and that help bike fitters one of reference in during bike fit.

Totsuka-Ku / Yokohama SUN MERIT BIKE FIT STUDIO: RETUL 3D Motion Capture System

RETUL Motion Capture System

Minato-Ku / Tokyo  TREX TORANOMON Cafe Factory:

GURU RANGE OF RIGHT®Motion Capture System

●Laser observation

Makito strongly believes the phrase”Push pedal straight” that is the most important keyword on bike fitting.  As you understood, knees are covering many tendons.  A good bike fit must be done to decrease knee lateral movement as simple as possible because the function of knees moves like hinge of a door. Otherwise the cyclist’s knees, hip, foot might get pain in long ride.

This movie shows the post fit in proper bike fit.  The cyclist’s knees move almost vertically.  See the laser lines and knee to foot.

Digital Saddle Pressure Mapping system
This is also the best way to solve saddle discomfort issues.


・Your existing (bring in) bike fit
Type of bicycle: Road, Triathlon, Track, MTB    

35000yen   additional bike: ask add 17500yen

Location: Totsuka / Yokohama  SUN MERIT BIKE FIT STUDIO
Minatoku / Tokyo  TREX TRANOMON Cafe Factory
Time required in bike fit session: appx. 3 hours   additional bike requires extra time.


To do things during bike fit session:

・Body strength / flexiblity test
・Shoe cleat check & fix
・Bike measurement(initial fit/ post fit)
・Video recording rider’s posture(initial fit / post fit)
・ hand out bike fit PDF report, video, photos

※ Ask charges bike fitting supplies such as cleat wedges, spacers

Free Follow fit service available until after 2 weeks from the initial bike session
(Only available at SUN MERIT BIKE FIT STUDIO in Totsuka / Yokohama)


・Didital bike measurement service by Retul Zin Tool

All digital data reports are issued PDF.
(Only available at SUN MERIT BIKE FIT STUDIO in Totsuka / Yokohama)

Bike: Road, Triathlon, TT Road, MTB and Cross bike


(Only available at SUN MERIT BIKE FIT STUDIO in Totsuka / Yokohama)
Customer who has taken fit at SUN MERIT BIKE FIT STUDIO after 2weeks of Initial fit and until 2 years.    SUN MERIT BIKE FIT STUDIO manages customer data safely at an isolated HDD.  Your data can be retrieve at anytime.


・Cleat Set UP

5000yen per pair of shoes
(Only available at SUN MERIT BIKE FIT STUDIO in Totsuka / Yokohama)

※Customer who has taken bike fit at SUNMERIT BIKE FIT STUDIO only
Supplies such as wedges will ask at the session.